Brief of the Department

The Department of Livestock came into being in 1948 soon after the independence. This department has overall responsibility for livestock and poultry development in the State and is making a significant contribution through checking the mortality rate of livestock, by providing free diagnostic service, prophylactic vaccination against the infectious and contagious diseases in livestock and poultry, introduction of exotic blood in non-descript and indigenous breeds of cattle and educating the farming community in management, disease control, feeding and breeding programme. The department of Livestock was reorganized in 1995. Since then it is headed by a Director General under the Secretary Agriculture and Animal Husbandry assisted by the two directorates; i.e. Directorate of Animal Health and Veterinary Services and Directorate of Livestock Extension, Research & Development. The total number of professional staff in DoAH is 105. All these professionals hold degree in Veterinary or Animal Husbandry Sciences with 1/3rd holding M.Sc Honours or post-graduate training abroad in different disciplines. The basic para veterinary staff is the Stock Assistants with basic education of Matric with Science 2nd division and one year diploma from College of Veterinary Sciences Lahore, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad or Extension Services Management Academy Garhi Dopatta, Muzaffarabad.